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WSU Scholarship Fund

in memory of

Debbie Dougan

Those who knew Debbie, knew she was a first generation college student and that she understood firsthand some of the challenges facing those who were the first members of their family to attend college.

As a young mother hoping to improve her circumstances, she spoke to a college advisor who replied, "People like you don't get into college. You should apply for welfare." Not being someone who took no for an answer, Debbie took this on as a challenge. Not only did she get into college, but she completed her masters and eventually her Ph.D.

Debbie devoted her life to issues of equity. One such aspect of her work centered on economic equity and she believed one avenue to achieve this equity was through education. Beyond the potential economic outcome of education, Debbie loved learning, reading, and helping others find their inner strength and power. As a result of her passion for equality, education, and caring, her family and friends have set up a way for her family, friends, and colleagues to contribute to a scholarship fund in her name.

To donate go to http://foundation.wsu.edu and click on “Give to WSU”. Select the last radio button “Search for fund by college…”, and then select the College of Education. The fund to donate to is the “College of Education Scholarship”. In the “Comments and Special Directions” section please state “In memory of Debbie Dougan.”

Consider giving annually
Any amount is appreciated

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