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Muse Candle
A Craft Project For Writers

"A craft?" you ask. "Why do a craft when I want to write?"

It has to do with right brain/left brain activities. Your left brain is linear and deals with verbal communication, which can cloud creative thoughts. Creativity happens in the right brain. When you engage in a creative activity your left brain becomes pre-occupied or bored, allowing the right brain to become dominant.

So when you're stuck, uninspired, overly critical of your writing, rather than continue pounding your head on the brick wall, do something creative. Listen to music, dance, color (I keep a box of 96 Crayolas and some fun, high quality coloring books on my desk just for this purpose), or try a writing-related craft like this muse candle.

Before you pooh-pooh the idea as juvenille and silly, give it a try. While you're crafting, listen to your imagination. Give it a prompt from your current WIP, or just let it soar over the landscape of your mind.

To make a muse candle, you need a few simple supplies, most available from the dollar store or thrift store for less than $5:

  • a clear glass vase, jar, wine glass, juice glass or regular ol' candle holder
  • colored tissue paper (even used tissue works great)
  • white school glue thinned with water to the consistency of paint
  • glitter glue (I found a 3 pack with silver, gold and red at the dollar store for . . . yep, $1
  • newspaper, old paperback novel, some of your own writing - printed or handwritten
  • small metallic stars or jewels
  • tea light
Tear the tissue and newsprint into thin, irregular strips. The width depends on the size of the container you're using. The colors will overlap, some showing thru the others to create even more colors. You can use designer tissue paper with patterns, too, if you like. Let your imagination guide you.

For a slightly different look, cut the tissue and print into squares of about 1/2" x 1/2" or 1" x 1".

Using a sponge brush (or a piece of old sponge, or even your finger) spread the glue onto a section of your glass container. Lay tissue paper over the glue, overlapping different colors and print strips. Experiment with placement. If you start putting it on and decide you don't like it, you can easily slide it off or wash it off before the glue dries.

Once you've covered the container, squeeze glitter glue onto a plate and again using the sponge or your finger, cover the entire surface with the glitter glue. Add stars or jewels and then let it dry overnight.

Spray with clear acrylic or Mod Podge—one coat or several coats. Let dry, then put a small tea light candle (wax or battery operated) inside. Use your muse candle whenever you write to invite your spirit of creativity—your muse—into your writing.

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